Why Buy Green?

Energy/Water Savings

Increased water and energy efficiency, in conjunction with the significant energy production and water reuse technologies utilized in the Veridia Community, will save homeowners hundreds of dollars per month and significantly reduce the cost of living in one of our homes.

Healthier Indoor Spaces

Green homes feature greatly improved indoor air quality, enhancing comfort within the home. Increased ventilation reduces pollutants and allergens and allows your family to breathe easier. The tight construction inherent to energy efficient buildings also eliminates uncomfortable drafts and airborne dust. Better insulated walls and properly sealed ducts allow for proper sizing of our efficient HVAC systems and ensure quiet, efficient operation year round.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Veridia uses durable, high-quality building components such as metal roofing and fiber cement siding. These materials are designed to provide long-lasting performance without need for replacement during the functional life of the building, significantly reducing maintenance costs. The tighter construction of energy efficient homes also helps prevent potentially costly moisture damage.

Higher Resale Value

A recent EPA study revealed that for each one dollar reduction in annual utility bills or other recurring expenses associated with home ownership, an increase of $20 on the resale value can be expected. For the anticipated annual savings of $1,800 in the Veridia community, this would result in a $36,000 increase in resale value over a house without the features we offer.

A Responsible Choice

The numerous green features that Veridia offers allow you to effortlessly do your part in preserving our planet and our resources for future generations. Combine this with the fact that they save you money every month, hold up to the test of time and provide a heathier, more comfortable living space for your family, and purchasing a home in Veridia is a responsible choice both personally and socially.